28 February 2012

Currently there is a major outage due to 2 simultaneous fiber cuts.
Internet is not working properly.
Edpnet is trying to solve this as fast as possible.

Update (13:30): 1 fiber cut has been solved, the second one is still ongoing.
Update (00:00): The second fiber cut has been solved.

Edpnet apologizes for any inconveniences.


  1. Is dit al opgelost? Connectie valt hier vanochtend regelmatig uit, erg vervelend.

  2. @Els: Het probleem moet nu volledig opgelost zijn.

  3. In Mechelen I only get 256kbps downstream rate. I've already restarted the modem. Is this related to the issue above or is there another problem with your network?

  4. @Anonymous: This issue should be solved. You can better create a ticket with our helpdesk or give them a call to check your line.