14 October - interuption DSL network in region Brussels

Update:  There was a second short outage at 20:40 until 20:50.

Dear customers,

due to a power outage we lost connectivity towards our Brussels DSL network.

Start: 14/10/2014 19:25

End:  14/10/2014 19:37
Impacted services: DSL lines in Brussels region

We appologize for the inconvenience

The edpnet team


  1. It is absolut absurd how often you have power outages!
    Where we are? In Kongo?

  2. Our apologies Tobias, there have been some issues in our DSL colo locations in Antwerp, Liège, Brussels. We are aware of this and our team is working on this to prevent this in the future.

  3. This is not the first time! And to prevent this is the first thing a telekom carrier and internet provider has to carre about and not only after something happens! It has to be build from beginning that something like that can not happen! Something is really rotten in Belgium!

    Additionally, we are forced to use completely outdated modems (10 year old Sagem) instead of the newest generation. Just because you are not be able to keep to the international technical standart.