26 September 2012

There are currently problems sending e-mails via our relay due to spam listing.

Edpnet is trying to solve this as fast as possible.

Update (15:30): Sending e-mails via relay.edpnet.be or relay.edpnet.nl is working again.

Edpnet apologizes for any inconveniences. 


  1. thanks for the communication, we are unable to send email via relay.edpnet.be at my entreprise, good to know it's not an issue on our side

  2. We noticed.
    Thanks for letting us know
    Hope it will get solved soon...

  3. Can you please give us notification when normal trafic can be expected to resume? Also, end clients and users of the relay (cfr. datacenter connections) are requesting explanation how such massive blacklisting is possible on this level.

    Thank you for a swift reply / follow-up.

  4. Bedankt voor de snelle opvolging en we weten dat dit zeker niet jullie fout is, alleen jammer dat natuurlijk een heel datacenter hiedoor geinfecteerd is. Spamhaus moet eens twee keer nadenken voor ze een /19 blokkeren.
    Hopelijk is het zo snel mogelijk opgelost en succes
    Guy Verhamme - HTS

  5. This is affecting communications with the outside world in a bad way for our business, let's hope it gets resolved very soon!

  6. The issue should be solved now.

  7. Please note that the problem still persists on the IP-ranges from the datacenter! the relay.edpnet.be may be bzack in order, but the IP-addresses used from our own platforms, going through the EDP-net relay are still being blocked. This is critical to ALL of our clients that operate with their mail systems from within the EDP-Net colocation / feed!
    Urgent action/escalation and explanation there where possible, because this is causing US terrible client trust and client accounts!
    I may also hope that the responsible parties/clients/spammers are being categorically bannd in the future from these systems!

  8. Still having problems